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May 22, 2017

The liberal press is doing everything they can to kill Trump..and he is certainly not helping himself.  This is obviously making the markets nervous.  It would appear right now that the bills and programs Trump promised are not going to happen, at least in the near term.  Is the Trump rally failing?  We think so…despite a little bump today.

It is time to watch STOCK positions closely and sell if fundamentals start to fall apart.   The Core Portfolio is NOT heavily loaded on stocks, and we are primarily in bonds……So we are not making any changes now or in the near future.  But this administration appears to be falling apart and you have to pay attention. 

We were huge supporters of Trump and liked what he was trying to do.  (Clinton would have been a disaster.)  But his execution is terrible and his OWN party is not helping.  We have to wait and watch.

Bottom Line:  You may want to think about placing sell limit orders below your current prices to ensure you get out if we see severe declines.  We think a ten percent decline is possible.


Every so often we mention GGN….. our gold position.  Since March of 2016 the technicals have been moving upward.  GGN pays almost 12% !!!! and we think gold will continue it’s positive trend.  If you do not own GGN we would suggest buying some.


We have only recently “discovered” the Bloomberg Businessweek site.  Wow this thing is loaded with business related (obviously) stories.  If you do not watch (or are sick of watching) the trash talk on the cable “fake news” shows and the garbage evening news shows, Businessweek is an excellent alternative.  They dish up very interesting and informative stories:  heroin epidemic, airline problems, the new Nike shoe lol, how Disney operates.  Why do you want to watch that crap on CNN and NBC.


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