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April 17, 2017

(UPDATE:  TICCL spiked up to $25.40 already.  We have decided to place a BUY LIMIT order at $25.24 but this order may NOT get filled.  Update:  THIS  WAS filled.)

GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO to see current positions.

We have seen SPY drop from a high of 240 down to 232.  It is becoming obvious that Trump will have great difficulty in getting the reject moronic Republicans to approve any of his programs IN A TIMELY MANNER.  And the stock market is getting nervous.  Once again, we stress that sell stops should be placed.  We could see a dramatic drop in the averages. 

Just take a look at the breakdowns in the biggies:  Amazon, Goog, Facebook and Netflix.

Most of our holdings are bond and income instruments and we are not overly concerned YET.  BUT our holdings do trend in the same direction of the stock market. 

We are watching UNG, our trade, and will be placing a sell stop.  Momentum is once again upward.

Business Development company TICC Capital  is selling a new shorter duration baby bond issue with a coupon of 6.50%.  WE ARE TRYING TO BUY A SMALL POSITION AT $25.05 OR LESS.


Go to this link for more information:



Please give us your opinion and link into our ten second POLL 

Don’t believe when people tell you bonds are bursting:  from realinvestmentadvice.com:

Bond Bull Is Back

I have been unabashedly bullish bonds since 2013, when calls from Gundlach, Gross, and others are declared the early death of the bond bull.

The reason is simple, and something I have discussed many times in the past, interest rates are NOT going to rise much given the long-term downtrend in economic growth, inflation and wages and rising debt. As I addressed in “The Long View:”

“Today, the U.S. is no longer the manufacturing epicenter of the world. Labor and capital flows to the lowest cost providers so that inflation is effectively exported from the U.S. and deflation can be imported. Technology and productivity gains ultimately suppress labor and wage growth rates over time. The chart below shows this dynamic change which began in 1980. A surge in consumer debt was the offset between lower rates of economic growth and incomes in order to maintain the ‘American lifestyle.'”

Here is another financial site that we have started following.  They offer investment suggestions on stocks and some dividend paying positions.  Most of the advisors we well known and respected.



For those of you who wear glasses and also use sunglasses, Revolution Eyewear is offering a new innovation.  We just discovered these about a month ago.  The glasses come with custom sunglasses, and they clip on MAGNETICALLY very easily onto the side of the glasses.

To our knowledge this is the only brand that offers this feature.  We are already buying a second pair!!!  (No this is not a paid ad !!!!!!)  We love these glasses, it is so easy to get the sunglasses off and on, and you don’t have to mess around with buying a separate pair.


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