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April 11, 2017

GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO to see current positions.

(UPDATE April 13:  Still holding the trade in UNG.  Also looking at other potential buys but can find nothing at prices we like.  Still holding all positions altho market is starting to show internal degradation due to lack of Trump getting his programs done.  Republicans are a waste and markets starting to lose faith.  Suggest placing stops on all positions to ensure you get out if strong market decline:  this is not anticipated right now.  There is a new issue TICCL that we may buy but it is still not trading.)

UNG, our current trade, has been pulling back.  Nervous traders would sell but that would not be prudent.

The momentum indicators are still trending UPWARD and we continue HOLDING.  Volume is very low and IF this position turns bad, we will obviously take a loss.  But for now we are maintaining this trade. 

We are primarily income investors, NOT stock traders.  We typically do not take the risk in trading stocks but instead invest in corporate bonds, baby bonds and other income producing positions:  typically held for years.  Instead of staring at stock screens all day, and with warm weather finally coming to Chicago we are more interested in the necessary yard work, biking, and preparing for upcoming travel.  

We are very happy with the way the CORE PORTFOLIO is working and have no immediate plans to sell anything.  We are looking at numerous positions to BUY but the prices are way to high for our comfort level….so we just wait and watch. 


How to retire in your 30’s.



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