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March 24, 2017

GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO to see current positions.  (A donate button has been added if you would like to contribute to the cause.)

(UPDATE March 27:  The UNG trade is working:  BUY.  Despite last week’s travesty with the healthcare vote, the market is really looking forward to the tax cut program that Trump is promising.  That is why the market has recover today, Monday.  BUT if he cannot get the tax package passed, then we will be concerned.  Right now we are NOT selling anything.)

We have a very, very nice profit in the Intelsat Corporate Bond.  In fact we have never made so much on a bond in such a short period of time.  (We picked this up when it was at fire-sale prices.)

After reading some updated information this morning, we are concerned about the Company.  Yes we knew this bond was risky but we were prepared to hold it….no longer.

When you see a large profit like we have with Intelsat, it can be a good time to sell and take your profits.  So it’s time to head for the hills.  SELL Intelsat.

UPDATE:  We are holding the trade in UNG.  If you have not purchased UNG you can still buy at current prices. 

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