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March 1, 2017

(UPDATE March 7, 2017:  We have been spending a lot of time investigating various potential buys.  As you know the market has been heading upward since the election and right now prices for potential holdings are too high.  We do not anticipate buying anything in the near future but everytime we say that, something pops up on the radar.

TCRX is going ex-dividend next week and we want to buy if the price comes down to our desired price.

In the meantime we are happy seeing the dividends roll in.

The stock market is entering another consolidation phase and many advisors feel we could see a downturn since it appears Yrump will have a very tough time getting his programs passed.  BUT the polls are again very strong today in support of the Donald.)

We have added a donate button on the Core Portfolio page.  If you have made money with our positions, click into the Core Portfolio and send us some coin!!!!  GO TO CORE PORTFOLIO

The Amazon failure at their data center in Virginia yesterday reminded us to talk about the numerous data center positions we have in the Core Portfolio.  While at the gym yesterday we repeatedly tried to get the Sirius Howard Stern program on the phone….and it simply did not load due to the breakdown.  It just goes to show you how critical these centers are to the communications and Internet system.  (How many people even know that Amazon is a huge player in this industry.)

Most people probably have absolutely no idea what these data centers are or what they do. Amazing.  But luckily we got on the bandwagon early and have been earning nice dividends.

If you are not invested in this segment of the industry, we suggest you start looking at both the stocks and bonds.

As mentioned we own a lot of center positions in addition to the ‘cell tower’ Companies.  Just in our neighborhood alone we have at least half a dozen towers.

American Tower Corp

Corporate Office Properties


Crown Castle

Dupont Fabros

Digital Realty


Intelsat (satellites-big gain since we purchased recently)

Sprint and Motorola (phones-big gain in Sprint)


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