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January 30, 2017

Shocking numbers.  From vanityfair.com

Subsequently, newspaper advertising revenues fell from $67 billion in 2000 to $19.9 billion in 2014. Meanwhile, the same pummeling occurred in the book-publishing world. Many consumers didn’t want hardcover books for $25 when digital versions were available for $9.99. An algorithm generally provided better suggestions than an actual in-store clerk. And consumers never had to leave home to get the book they wanted. Amazon, knowing this, eviscerated the business. While print sales have finally leveled out (largely through a reliance on science fiction and fantasy), the industry has seen sales fall precipitously over the past decade.,,,,Movie-theater attendance is down to a 19-year low, 



HTGZ a holding in the Core Portfolio has been called….also MCQ has been called.

If you still do not own GAINM another holding in the Core Portfolio, BUY it right now, or you can add to your current position.  This is a term preferred that should do well in a rising rate environment.

MDLQ is a new position in the Core Portfolio.  This is still a BUY at current prices.

MIC another position in the Core Portfolio dropped big time on Friday.  We are going to hold pending any further information:  this is just noise in our opinion.  We have never heard of Hedgeye which is the outfit that placed the sell signal on MIC, but they obviously can move markets.  IF MIC stabilizes and starts heading up, we would be a BUYER….right now the price is $74.00

Market Chatter: Macquarie Infrastructure Company Drops More Than 6% After Hedgeye Says Sell the Shares

MIDNIGHT TRADER 11:35 AM ET 1/27/2017

12:35 PM EST, 01/27/2017 (MT Newswires) — Macquarie Infrastructure Company (MIC) is down more than 6% after Hedgeye Energy Sector Head Kevin Kaiser tweeted it was adding selling the company’s shares to its Best Ideas list.

He has a price range target between $40-$50.

Price: 77.72, Change: -5.12, Percent Change: -6.18

MT Newswires does not provide investment advice. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited


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