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January 24, 2017

We are still holding the buy order for TPVZ which we talked about last week.  It appears right now that the order will not get filled.  The pricing will just not come down to the price we want.  Continue holding the buy order for now.

There is still cash in the pot that we want to deploy.  We look at literally dozens of potential positions every day but there just isn’t anything that strikes our fancy.  Maybe we are simply distracted by all news coming out of the White House, and the garbage spewing out from the liberal press.

Right now everyone is in a ‘waiting and watching’ mode.  Yes it’s boring as hell BUT we are very happy seeing the dividends coming in from our numerous corporate bonds, and other income producing positions.  If you want action in buying and selling……. this blog is not for you lol.    Patience is virtue when investing.

In looking at the charts, the ‘banks’ (XLF) have started to turn over starting in December, and we are not going to be shocked to see a pull back in stocks.  So if you hold stocks, we recommend having sell stop orders in place to prevent losses.

(For professional investors, XLF is the MOST important indicator.  You have to understand what is happening with the banks to interpret what is happening in the markets.)


Probably the ONLY time we will ever agree with Bill Maher (HBO) on anything:

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher said that while he’s thankful for their service, he never wants to see Bill or Hillary Clinton ever again.

Maher said, during a discussion on the Clintons attending that day’s Inauguration, “I would like to say to [Bill and Hillary], thank you for 30 years of service, and now, I never want to see either one of you ever again.”

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