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January 31, 2017 On January 17 we suggested you place an order for TPVZ at $25.40.  By mistake we had placed our order at $25.41 and it just filled today.  Any orders at either price should be filled in the upcoming days.  Reprinted below is our original post……………………….. We are placing an order for the […]


January 30, 2017 Shocking numbers.  From Subsequently, newspaper advertising revenues fell from $67 billion in 2000 to $19.9 billion in 2014. Meanwhile, the same pummeling occurred in the book-publishing world. Many consumers didn’t want hardcover books for $25 when digital versions were available for $9.99. An algorithm generally provided better suggestions than an actual […]


January 26, 2017   Over the last few years we have read several articles about the ‘addiction’ of cell phones, especially among the younger groups.  They can’t concentrate on work (we have personally observed this) and they just can’t get thru the day without checking Facebook et al every five minutes. We are seeing this […]


January 24, 2017 We are still holding the buy order for TPVZ which we talked about last week.  It appears right now that the order will not get filled.  The pricing will just not come down to the price we want.  Continue holding the buy order for now. There is still cash in the pot […]


January 19, 2017 Back in October, we purchased GAINM for the Core Portfolio.  This position is now ex-dividend and is now priced LOWER than what we payed.  We love buying stuff on sale. We suggest you buy for the first time, or add to your current position. This term preferred stock is a buy right […]


January 17, 2017 The symbol for the TriplePoint baby bond is TPVZ.  We regret this error.


January 17, 2017 We are placing an order for the TPVZ baby bond at $25.40.  Here is some copy from a SeekingAlpha article explaining the position.  Do NOT pay more than $25.40.  The ASK is already $25.47 but we feel this will eventually get filled…..wait and watch. The symbol to buy is TPVZ TPVG occupies […]