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December 16, 2016

We just learned this morning that Ares Corporate Bonds are available and they are on sale.  We LIKE buying stuff on sale.  This bond will not make you rich, but if want a decent yield with a quality bond buy this right now.  Remember, you must plan on HOLDING individual corporate bonds to maturity.  (We may pass on the ARU baby bonds mentioned earlier.)

Ares Capital Corporation  Maturity 2022.  4.24%

CUSIP:  04010LAR4


We had to laugh:  from Megyn Kelly FOX

Also, “You will never catch me in a dress without a pair of Spanx and a bra,” Ms. Kelly said, and she is happy to explain why. In fact, she thinks it is good to explain why: “After three children, it all came back together, but it didn’t come back together they way it used to be.”

Why Trump won, in one slide.

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A note for new readers:  Dividend Income Investor is designed for self directed retirees who are seeking ‘safe’ dividend payers in the 3% up to 8% range.  The Core Portfolio is not designed to get you rich, but instead to provide a reasonable level of income.


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