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December 12, 2016

(Update Dec 15:  Buy Limit order for ARU at $25.31.  We do NOT expect this to get filled but we may get lucky.  Good until cancel.)


Macquarie Infrastructure (MIC) is one of those “odd ducks” that you never hear about on CNBC.  They are involved in energy:  oil storage, fuel for aviation, solar power and gas distribution in Hawaii.  Odd mix right?!  But it pays over 6% and we expect growth going forward.  Do your research on this Company and see if it fits your needs.  We like it.



A note for new readers:  Dividend Income Investor is designed for self directed retirees who are seeking ‘safe’ dividend payers in the 3% up to 8% range.  The Core Portfolio is not designed to get you rich, but instead to provide a reasonable level of income.

If you want to play the stock market with potentially higher returns, and higher risk, most of the smart advisors we listen to are suggesting small cap stocks, insurance, and banks.  Of course stocks have sky-rocketed higher since the election and we would avoid them (except we are buying the MIC stock today):  but many advisors feel they will go much higher.

Stay OUT of municipal bonds, utilities and of course annuities.


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Maybe the ultra liberal New York Times is finally realizing they are clue-less about anything beyond the city limits of Manhattan……LOL

During an interview with NPR’s “Fresh Air” released on Thursday, New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet stated “we did not have a handle on just how much anxiety there was in the country. And we did not have a handle on just how much that anxiety was going to drive the election.” And “the New York-based, and Washington-based too, probably, media powerhouses don’t quite get religion.”


Do you want the REAL story on what Trump did to keep Carrier?  You won’t like it.



Obammer and his suckofints keep telling you how great everything is.  Wrong.  From IBD:

It’s even worse when looking at a trend line. From a range of about 2.6% to as high as nearly 3.5% a year during the late 1960s, per capita GDP has steadily declined over time. This year, the report shows, per capita GDP will be a pathetic 0.5%. Per capita GDP is important, since it’s a common measure of living standards around the world. When it’s not growing, neither is your standard of living.

Put another way, at the late 1960s growth rate it took about 24 years for the average American to double his or her standard of living; at the 2016 growth rate, it would take 144 years.

Read the article:


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