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December 2. 2016

UPDATE:  Buying Crown Castle Corporate Bond mature Sept. 2021.  Pays a low 3% but is high quality in the “wireless” field.

CUSIP: 22822VAD3

We have been sitting on the sunny beaches this last week, a welcome relief from the freezing Chicago cold:  it’s tough going from 83 to 39 degrees.  But at some point it is time to get back to work.

The stock market continues upward but it is now too late to buy anything…if you were smart enough or lucky enough to get in the day after the election you have made oodles of money.  But it’s now to late to get into stocks as consolidation is apparent.

We really have not missed anything in the past week in terms of what we like to buy.  We sold a number of positions a few weeks back that are interest rate sensitive and they have declined substantially.  We ADDED some positions and they are doing well.

The Core Portfolio is primarily Individual Corporate Bonds which are held to maturity where you get your money back in addition to the dividends earned….there are some energy, baby bond positions, and we still hold the one gold CEF which pays a hefty dividend.

So right now we are sitting around and watching some potential buys that may be good candidates for the Core Portfolio.

MDLX  This is already in the Core Portfolio.  It has been upgraded to a higher quality investment grade:  if you do not own, buy, or add to your position.


More HILL news from edwardklein.com:

Part of the answer is that people close to Hillary—Huma Abedin, Chelsea Clinton, and Sidney Blumenthal—encouraged her to ask for a recount as a way of lifting her spirits.

“She is weepy, looks ten years older and is very whiny,” said one of Hillary’s closest friends. “She has been drinking wine pretty heavily, much more than usual. She mopes around all day, swimming in a sea of recriminations and complaining that her campaign managers were ‘incompetent,’ Bill and Chelsea ‘didn’t work hard enough,’ FBI Director Comey was ‘in league with Trump.’”

In addition, President Obama convinced Hillary that it was in the best interest of the Democratic Party if the Clinton legal team got involved with the recount and didn’t leave it to Jill Stein.


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