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November 23. 2016

Kindred is offering a corporate bond with a 9.5% yield to maturity…we like to buy positions when they are on sale as this bond is priced under par.  We really like the short January 2020 maturity….you want to avoid long dated bonds in this environment meaning five to ten or more years.  We have had excellent results with INDIVIDUAL corporates over the last ten years….you do not want to get into mutual funds as they offer NO maturity date.  Remember you have to hold these until they mature.

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Kindred Healthcare, Inc., a top-90 private employer in the United States, is a FORTUNE 500 healthcare services company based in Louisville, Kentucky with annual revenues of approximately $7.2 billion. As of October 1, 2016, Kindred through its subsidiaries had approximately 102,200 employees providing healthcare services in 2,702 locations in 46 states, including 82 LTAC hospitals, 19 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, 91 nursing centers, 19 sub-acute units, 647 Kindred at Home home health, hospice and non-medical home care sites of service, 104 inpatient rehabilitation units (hospital-based) and contract rehabilitation service businesses which served 1,740 non-affiliated sites of service.

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