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October 26, 2016

(Update: IBUY—– Just today we learned about the etf IBUY that includes the online store segment….can you say Amazon??!!.  We are not buying this etf since it pays no dividend BUT this could be an excellent long term holding.  The trend is to buying online and free home delivery=====and this holding will probably do very well,  The e-commerce market is $92 Billion.  wow)

Back in August, SPY hit 218 and it has been trending down ever since.  Right now we are at 214.  Both of the primary momentum indicators that we follow are in a DOWNWARD trend.  It appears we are in for continued declines.

Last week we placed some sell stops for bond positions, but so far they have not filled….which is fine.  If you are heavy into stocks, we suggest placing sell stops in case this market tanks….but until this election is over, nothing catastrophic is going to happen….in our opinion!!

It does appear that the collapse of Obamacare and the huge increase in premiums may be resonating with the public:  we are wondering if Trump can actually pull this out.

VZA Verison the bond has been one of our BEST gainers.  But it is now grossly over-valued and we are placing a SELL STOP GOOD UNTIL CANCEL at $27.47.  This is a preventive issue, NOT a sell signal.


Lance Roberts is one of the smartest financial writers out there today and we read everything he prints.  We suggest you read his latest article.  His website link is also printed below.



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