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(Update Oct 11:  They have been propping up this market to support the election of Hillary.  If she wins there will be no need to keep the markets up, and the market will most probably take a hit after the election.  We will be placing Sell Limit orders on most positions right before the election.  This is does NOT mean we are selling.  We are simply taking the precaution of limit orders in case the market does decline.)

October 8, 2016

Well we stuck it out with GAINM and the order finally filled on Friday at the price we wanted.  Quite frankly we lucked out as the price dropped temporarily but shot right back up. 

We are still watching NEP to buy.  We sold this sucker before it tanked a while back but this alternative energy play is one that we want to own.  It appears to have hit bottom and if the technicals firm up this week, we will go in with a small position.

The stock market as measured by SPY has been essentially consolidating since early/mid July….FLAT-LINED…..after making a significant move higher starting in Feb/March of this year.  They are keeping the markets up making sure that Clinton is elected.

Many of the so called financial experts feel we are setting up for even MORE gains, especially now that we are now coming to an end of the “Sell in May” period.

We don’t do much with stocks and do not have a crystal ball as to where they are headed.  The Core Portfolio is primarily in bonds and has treated us well so far this year …….BUT it is interest rate sensitive.

KEEP IN MIND that we have been warning for years that the ‘permanent’ low interest rates are distorting all markets.  We are ready to SELL at any time as a correction is coming:  we just do not know When.  Having lived thru the last financial disaster, we are taking NO chances.

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