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June 17, 2016

From zerohedge.com:

The US policy goal in the region is to block the Iranians and their Shi’ite allies, including Syria’s Assad, from expanding their influence in the wake of the failed Iraq war. That war installed a Shi’ite regime in Baghdad, and in order to protect our vaunted ally Israel – which is set on regime change in Syria – we are backing and have been backing Sunni radicals, precisely those “radical Islamic terrorists” whose name will never pass Hillary Clinton’s lips.

We’ve been pointing this out on this site for years: I’ve written about it extensively. And now the Republican candidate for President is talking about it. To all those well-intentioned hand-wringers out there who think I’ve gone overboard in my coverage of Trump, contemplate that amazing fact for a while – and then get back to me.


We are big fans of Jeff Gundlach the new “bond king” and own several of his funds.  Here is a link to his recent comments:

He said that “it’s really uncanny how the S&P500 rallied when they were doing QE and expanding their balance sheet, and how the S&P never goes anywhere when they stopped expanding their balance sheet. They stopped QE3 back in December of 2014 and the S&P500, the DJIA, the Nasdaq are all exactly the same when they stopped expanding their balance sheet. The S&P has been dead money for 18 months.”



“Think of fees as termites”  Must watch video from John Oliver about your 401K and how you get screwed by so called financial advisors:



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Go here to see our suggested financial websites.

(It appears NEWTZ is now going ex dividend June 20:  we are holding the buy limit order.)

NEWTZ is a bond that is going ex-dividend tomorrow and the price should drop to around $25.15  Paying 7% in yield, we are interested in this Company.  We are going to watch how the pricing goes tomorrow and will try to buy NEWTZ at $25.15.  Or you could put in a buy limit order today.

We also noticed there is an excellent article on Newtek at SeekingAlpha and the link is below if you want more information.

(We did not get filled on the ARU order that we placed last week.  Fidelity is no longer allowing on line trading of these baby bonds and this STUPID policy is causing us major headaches in the execution of orders.  If you are not experiencing problems with your broker, please let us know who you are using.)

Newtek, founded in 1998, is a direct distributor to the small- to medium-sized business (“SMB”) market. The Company is engaged in non-bank lending providing a range of business services and financial products to more than 100K accounts, across all 50 states.

Newtek is an internally managed BDC that focuses on providing access to financial, management, and technological resources that enable their clients to grow their sales, reduce their risks, improve their technological efficiencies, control, and reduce their costs and expenses.



Confidence in newspapers has hit an all time low in the latest Gallup survey, and TV news is also at a new low, the latest proof that Americans are losing faith in the media.

Gallup found that just 20 percent have confidence in newspapers, a 10-point drop in 10 years. TV news saw an identical 10-point drop, from 31 percent to 21 percent.

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