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March 24, 2016

Today we are buying a few Wyndham Worldwide individual corporate bonds.  They are a decent quality and gives us a nice 3.6% effective yield.  Maturity is March 2022.  Obviously this lower yield is not great but it is certainly better than a CD or money market.


When buying corporates the primary directive is getting into quality companies that will be around when the bond matures:  you plan on getting your initial investment back in addition to the dividends that you collect over the years.  You also want to buy only a few bonds for each company:  two to five is a good range.

  • From seekingalpha.com………

Wyndham has three core businesses: Hotels, vacation property management, and timeshare properties. The hotel group includes the economy brands I mentioned, plus “mid-level” business hotels such as Ramada, Microtel and high-end hotels and resorts such as Dolce, Wyndham Grand, Tryp and Wingate.

Altogether, hotels account for about 22% of Wyndham’s revenue. The Wyndham Destination Network includes 8 different vacation rental brands and accounts for about 29% of revenue. Finally, Wyndham Vacation ownership includes 7 timeshare brands around the world, and accounts for around 49% of revenue.


Even Hillary admits Obamacare is a pile of shit LOLOL:

A video shows Chelsea Clinton blasting the “crushing costs” of President Barack Obama’s signature legislation. In the video, Chelsea Clinton tells a crowd that her mother, Hillary Clinton, is open to using executive action to reduce “crushing costs” of Obamacare.

“…cap on out of pocket expenses. This was part of my mom’s original plan back in ’93 and ’94, as well as premium costs. We can either do that directly or through tax credits. And, kind of figuring out whether she could do that through executive action, or she would need to do that through tax credits working with Congress. She thinks either of those will help solve the challenge of kind of the crushing costs that still exist for too many people, who even are part of the Affordable Care Act and buying insurance…”


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