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November 17, 2015

BUYING Kemit Corporation Corporate Bonds.  14%  Maturity 2018

CUSIP 488360AF5

(UPDATE CHANGE BUY PRICE ON SGZA TO $24.99.)  Place Buy Limit order for SGZA at $25.30.

We do not foresee any impact on the US markets due to the terrorist attack.  Remember the markets are being manipulated by the Fed with very low interest rates and a strong dollar (and stock buy-backs by Companies).  They are not about to let this market go down, esp. with the upcoming election.


We are seeing a pullback in the markets, but we certainly do NOT see a collapse.  It would not be surprizing to see a reversal and an uptrend as we get into next week.  Of course the oils and energy are a disaster….we like refiners but dont even think about buying oils right now.  Remember they are going to do everything possible to keep the markets going up into the elections next year, and get Hillary elected.

CANCEL DO NOT BUY Buy Limit order for SAQ at $25.13:  this is a business development company.

Buy Limit order for EMQ at $25.00:  an energy play.

Place Buy Limit order for SGZA at $25.30.

ADDED to CLMT at $24.90

Today we were listening to some highly respected oil and gas experts.  They anticipate even lower oil prices over the Winter and then a leveling off to the $50 and $60 level.  They feel Saudia Arabia has absolutely no intention of increasing prices as that would encourage enhanced production in the US.

ALSO keep in mind that Yellen and the Fed WANT to keep oil prices low as that helps the US consumer.  Higher interest rates…which they are proposing….are not good for oil pricing.

So why do we bring this up.  Lower oil prices are good for refiners.  CLMT is in the Core Portfolio and we will be ADDING to this position if we can get the right price.  (CLMT pays almost 11%.)  There are also other refiners that we are watching to buy.

CLMT is in a downtrend so we cannot add right now….but the opportunity should present itself within the next week.  We will post here when we decide to buy.

We continue holding the oil positions in the Core Portfolio for the dividends knowing full=well it could be years before we break even on these currently underwater positions.

SGZA Selective Insurance Company Baby Bonds have gone ex-dividend, and the price is coming down.  This position has been acting well and is a buy around $25.00.  It pays almost 6%.


A reminder that we are updating this site every few days:  but we are NOT necessarily pushing out emial updates.  Visit this site for current comments.

This is a great free site which provides an excellent summary of the markets:


Fun Fact:  The computing power in your SmartPhone would have cost $1,000,000 back in the 1980s.



A team in Cambridge says it has cracked the technology for lithium-air batteries that cut costs by four-fifths and enable car journeys of hundreds of miles on a single charge. By the time we reach 2040, it is a fair bet the only petrol cars still on the road will be relics, if they can find fuel at all.

“Everything will be electrified. The internal combustion engine is a dead-end. We all know that, and the car companies ought to know that,” said one official handling the COP21 talks.

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