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November 9, 2015

(Update:  The markets caved today but it appears to be a temporary pullback.)

Sometimes stable no-growth companies can offer nice yields on their bonds.

Dun & Bradstreet is offering a Corporate Bond that matures in June 2020 and offers 3.7%.  This is not bad for dividend investors that want a nice steady yield.

You can buy as few as ONE bond ($1000) and we suggest you look into this offering for the conservative income producing portion of your portfolio.

CUSIP  26483EAH3

Corporate bonds will fluctuate in price, up and down….similar to a US Treasury.  As a holder of Corporates you should not care about the changes in price.  As you near the maturity date, the prices will approach $1000 per bond.

It is Critical you buy Quality Companies when buying corporate bonds to ensure to receive your money back…………..in other words do not buy crappy companies that offer high yields, BUT could go broke.  Easier said then done sometimes.

Is Hillary in real trouble:

Klein said that in the simplest terms, Obama, “since he dislikes Hillary and the Clintons so much, probably would like to see Hillary pay the price for ignoring his orders about not using a private email server.”

However, according to those sources, he said, Obama “thinks it would be better for him if all this investigation of Hillary’s emails just passed away without an indictment, so he could end his presidency on an up note.”

“My sources very close to the White House say the president and Valerie Jarrett have actually talked about whether President Obama would give Hillary Clinton a presidential pardon, if she were indicted,” Klein said. “I’m not saying they are planning to do that; I’m just saying the subject has come up in their conversations.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/hillary-acolytes-trying-to-shut-down-fbi-probe/#hjtkhkHhqhQYcb7J.99



For new readers, our Core Portfolio is a stay rich portfolio, NOT a get rich portfolio.  We own conservative positions that pay dividends that are especially suited for retirees….. or for the conservative portion of younger folks portfolios.  For diversification we DO hold some leveraged (risky) positions which offer 8 and 12% (HDLV and MLPL)  HDLV own stocks like Verizon, ATT, Philip Morris, Duke and Southern Co.  Only the investor can determine whether they want to take on risk but in return get better yield.  .

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