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(Update:  We are taking a serious look at Wal Mart to buy long.)

July 13, 2015.  Well….who doesn’t know QVC.  If you have cable TV you more than likely have watched the chatty hosts hawk everything under the sun including dresses, jewelry, computers, widgets, doo-dads……you name it.  With numerous TV and online shopping channels offering low prices and free shipping, it’s no wonder that retail stores are closing right and left. We can earn some decent yield by buying into this shopping sector.  QVC is offering a Corporate Bond with a 4.99%  yield.  That is really nice in this low interest environment. The bond matures in 2024.  You should be able to get pricing for two bonds.  I would not buy much more. You should plan on holding to maturity BUT they can be called at any time.

CUSIP  747262AS2

QVC is an American cable, satellite and broadcast television network, and multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping that is owned by Liberty Interactive.  They reach 235 million households. Image result for qvc


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We are taking extreme pain in our pipeline energy positions but we continue to hold:  Here is a link to a good article discussing the current situation: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3310575-why-low-crude-oil-prices-are-good-for-u-s-pipeline-investors


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We are NOT buying preferreds, REITS, municipal bonds, utilities, annuities.


Next President or …crash and burn????????????????

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