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The liberal press just does not understand how pissed off the American people are with this corrupt government:

Donald Trump’s position on immigration does not seem to be hurting the real-estate developer’s standing in the Republican presidential primary.

Two new polls have him in first place among registered Republican voters.

(Update July 9.  The markets are breaking down and the sentiment indicators indicate a continued DOWNWARD trend.  Greece and China are really affecting the markets but should be resolved.

We still feel this is a correction and not a complete collapse.  We suggest HOLDING all positions.  But having said that if we see a total breakdown there is no other option than to sell positions……but again we do not expect that.  Most of our Core Portfolio positions are bond and bond like holdings with some floating rate funds thrown in……….that should hold up.  The energy related holdings are getting hit hard but we knew they could be volatile,…they are oversold and it is prudent to hold on for the dividends.)

July 6, 2015  Exactly one year ago we bought PRH.  The copy is pasted below.

PRH has dropped recently but is making a turn-around.  BUY……. or you can add to existing positions.


Buy at $24.75 and under $25.00

Prudential Financial 5.7% Junior Subordinated Notes PRH is debt that trades on the stock exchange.  It trades like a stock.  The income is distributed quarterly.

PRH gives provides you a good investment at low risk which is why you are seeing a somewhat low yield BUT its certainly better than a CD or Treasury.  PRH can be called in 2018 at $25.00 which is HIGHER than what you are going to pay…what a great deal.

I really like Exchange Traded Debt and have had good luck over the years.

Can you believe this number:  $747 Billion in assets.  Wow.  Prudential Financial, Inc. is an insurance and investment management organization headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. As of March 31, 2014, the company had total assets of $747 billion and total shareholders’ equity of $39 billion.

Bottom Line:  Unless Prudential goes belly up which is most unlikely you have very little risk and a pretty good yield.  We also hold VZA and JMPC which are debt issues, in the Core Portfolio.


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The monthly manipulated jobs report was released last week.   The stated 5.3% unemployment rate is pure fiction.

First, the previous two months were revised Lower by 60,000 jobs.  Wow that’s good news isn’t it.

Lousy Part-Time jobs increased by 161,000 while Full-Time jobs DECREASED by 350,000.  That’s really good news isn’t it.

Even worse, 640,000 people are no longer counted as part of the work force……going on disability, food stamps, not looking for work.  More good news isn’t it.

Bottom line, more and more people are going on government doles and getting free money (that’s what Obamaliar wants) which means they are out of the work force and NOT COUNTED, WHICH MEANS the unemployment rate looks better than it really is.  Sounds bizarre doesn’t it. 

The government says the not looking for work crowd does not exist, so we do not need to count them!!!!!

I feel like I’m in the Colosseum where the government tries to divert our attention from the bad economy……watching the man eating tigers…….while Rome burns.

Image result for rome colosseum


Since 2007:  1.4 Million Manufacturers Lost and 1.4 Million Waiters Gained.  Wow what a strong economy LOLOL


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