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June 18, 2015  We suggest you look at PG.  This is a huge Company that everyone knows.  (Google it if you want to read more.)  PG is undergoing a transformation and that’s why the stock has tanked.

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PG hit a low of $77 a few days back and appears to be on the upswing.  A small investment in warranted.

The yield is low in percentage terms but due to the high stock price, the actual real dividends are quite good, around 65 cents per share every three months.  We are looking for capital appreciation here meaning a significant increase in the stock price.


On May 21 we suggested you start getting acquainted with Lance Roberts.



This is one of the best financial websites out there.  And best of all it’s free.  If you are an advisor or manage your own money, you really need to start reading the articles that Lance writes.  I don’t know where this guy gets the time to produce all this content, (I can hardly keep this crappy little blog up to date) but they give you an excellent overview of what’s really going on in the markets.  He must have a staff of minions that do most of the work.  Apparently he also is a full time money manager and…and also has a daily radio program.  Amazing.

I just read an article on the site today which is really informative………all of his articles are helpful and educational.  Go to the link below and read the latest:



Another excellent discussion you should read.  Link is below:

‘Based on this simple analysis I truly believe that the U.S. is in completely untested water, and the Federal Reserve does not have the ability to raise interest rates of any significant value without crippling the economy. The Federal Reserve did raise interest rates significantly from 1950 to 1980, but this was a time where the national debt was nine times smaller and as a result, the cost associated with raising interest rates one percent was very minimal. Therefore, comparing the change from 1950 to 1980 to current claims that the Fed will raise interest rates is like comparing apples to oranges. I believe that the Federal Reserve’s claims are merely a bluff to appease Congress who has been putting pressure on them to hike up interest rates to gain more stability. However, if interest rates were to rise it would be more costly than ever and would be a major shock to banks, corporations, and our economy as a whole. Based off this information I believe that any rate hike will be very minimal and the years of low interest rates will remain for years to come.”


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