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June 1, 2015  We have held Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund EXG in the Core Portfolio for a long time.  (could they make the fund name any longer!!!)

This closed-end fund uses a buy/write strategy to sell covered calls against a strong stock portfolio.

So you are asking what the hell are covered calls.  That is why we like EXG.  Most investors have no idea what covered calls are or more importantly they have NO proficiency or experience in trading covered calls. Image result for COVERED CALLS

SO why this fund???  Expertise.  I would never ever suggest you try this type of trading yourself….the risk is high.  But you can utilize the knowledge base of EXG fund managers.  They do the work for us.  And it pays almost 10%  WOW. Do your research on this type of trading.  If it sounds like something you want to invest in, we suggest you buy or add to current positions.

EXG has 87 holdings including Google, Apple, Nike, Home Depot, Prudential, Anheuser-Bush InBev SA, Medtronic, Roche Holding AG, Imperial Tobacco PLC, NXP Semiconductors, NV and Compass Group PLC. http://funds.eatonvance.com/tax-managed-global-diversified-equity-income-fund-exg.php

Another buy:  BKLN  Buy this floating rate position for anticipation of rising rates……..who knows when!!!




SundayReview | Op-Ed Columnist

Hooray for Hillarywood?

If you don’t read the New York Times Sunday edition, you should give it a try.  And the first thing I read is Maureen Dowd.  Here is a funny quote from yesterday’s column:

They aren’t over the moon about Barack Obama anymore, and even feel burned. He was like a razzle-dazzle trailer that turned out to be a disappointing movie with mediocre box office.


MOVIES.  San Andreas.  Recommended.  A sappy love story surrounded by spectacular special effects.  What you have here is non stop right out the gate action from start to finish.  I suggest you see San Andreas.

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