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Thursday May 14, 2015

Ten weeks ago, the S&P (SPY) closed at almost the exact price that we are at TODAY.  Can you believe that.  We have been stuck in this trading range for almost two and half months.

Talk about going nowhere fast.

Image result for going nowhere fast

The stock traders who rely on market volatility are probably none too pleased.  In contrast, as a dividend investor I like to see stable pricing while the dividends keep rolling in.

In other news:

This week I requested a review copy of one of the highest rated financial letters which specializes in stocks.  Can you believe with all the work they put into selecting and buying stocks and include all the trading fees, they did WORSE that just buying the cheap plain vanilla SPY ETF ……this is over the last TEN YEAR period.  You just can’t make up this crap.  Yes there are advisors out there that beat the markets, but they are rare.  Go here if you want some recommendations..

Back to the portfolio:

In contrast to stock trading, dividend investors like us are NOT necessarily trying to beat the stock market.  In fact we more than likely cannot.  We ARE looking for stable conservative investments that return a nice yield, usually in the 6-8% range overall…..and we do NOT want to get involved in risky stock trading.  (If you are younger and can take more risk buy SPY the top 500 Companies …..and hold it—and you can buy our dividend picks for the conservative portion of the portfolio.)

We are looking at new positions for possible addition to the Core Portfolio next week.  In the meantime:

BUY MLPL.  May be the best holding this year for yield.  11% yield.

BUY FMO.  A more conservative play on energy vs MLPL.  FOR IRA Account.

BUY OKE.  Dropped on bad news but you can buy on the Cheap Now….this is a long term investment.  (There are acquisition rumors which would drive the price higher.)

BUY NTG.  Buy or ADD to your position.  For your IRA Account.

DLTNX.  ADD to your position, or buy for first time.


Oh boo-hoo a sad day for those ultra liberal creeps at MSNBC:

Not only did The Ed Show hit a new low of 30K viewers in the 25-54 demo on Wednesday, but MSNBC had its lowest total day ratings in close to 10 years with 49K average viewers in the demo over the course of the day. The last time MSNBC saw demo ratings this low was on July 20, 2005 when it had 45K in total day.

In primetime, MSNBC also came in third place with just 76K in the demo compared to 337K for Fox News and 196K for CNN.


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