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May 5, 2015

(Update Tuesday May 12:  The ten year interest rate is still going up and today we have 2.32 which is bad news for stocks.  If this continues you should not be shocked to see a 5-10% pullback in the averages.  We not are not making any changes in the Core Portfolio as we are not stock traders but we can expect to see declines in our holdings…..IF we see broad market declines.  The market needs some sort of stimulus to kick it UP.  Many advisors think that we may see another round of QE this Fall.)

(Monday Update:  Everyone is watching the bond yield ie 10 Year Treasury.  It is moving up which is NOT good for many of our positions.  All you can do is watch and wait:  hold all positions.)

Seventy-three percent of economists surveyed by Bloomberg now expect the Fed’s
first rate hike to come in September, up from 37% in March (when
most expected a June or July hike). It’s also increasingly likely that the
first rate hike will be pushed off to next year,

(Saturday Update:  Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC is offering Corporate Bonds with a couon of 7.87%.  Matures April 2020.  The Cusip is: 92205CAA1.  BUY if you can afford the $1000/bond. )

(Friday Update:  Our OKE position in the Core Portfolio is getting hit hard.  We know the oil/gas positions may have a rough ride thru 2015 and expect some turmoil.  Hold, do not sell.  If you did not buy OKE this would be a good entry point.)

(Wednesday Update:  Wow a tough day due to rising interest rates.  No worry, hold on to all positions..Don’t be shocked if they do yet another QE program to get rates back down.)

(Wednesday Update:  The dollar has been dropping which can indicate a slowing economy.  And the 10 Year Treasury has been rising.  So, the markets are getting hit.  Hold all positions.  Definitely hold our GGN gold position.  Stay out of utilities and REITS.)

(UPDATE  THIS WAS SOLD……………..Well boys and girls we are buying another position today. Horizon Technology Finance (HRZN) fits into the category of Business Development Company.  It lends to and invests in development-stage companies in the technology, life sciences, healthcare information and clean-tech industries. And you will like this.  As of today HRZN is paying 9.68%.  The technicals look very good.  I suggest buying a small amount and we may add after the next ex-dividend date.  The price today is $14.25.

Image result for horizon technology finance

Here is some copy from http://www.yahoo.com. and their website: http://www.horizontechnologyfinancecorp.com/

Horizon Technology Finance Corporation, a specialty finance company, lends to and invests in development-stage companies in the United States. It focuses on making secured debt investments to venture capital backed companies in the technology, life science, healthcare information and services, and cleantech industries. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut.

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