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April 22, 2015

Do not buy any positions mentioned here until you view Current Positions.

  Go To Core Portfolio Click Here.

The intent of this blog is to collect dividends and interest and not necessarily plan on capital gains.  If you want to trade stocks in anticipation of gains, this blog is probably not your best source.  But the positions we mention would be good for the conservative portion of the portfolio.

We are very pleased with our energy pipeline “toll-takers” so far (WMB, OKE, MLPL, FMO, etc.) but it’s now too late to get into these.  Some corporate bonds were also purchased.  We got in early which is our objective in buying new investments.  For now HOLD the positions going forward.

BKLN which is in the floating rate category is looking very good for a buy today.  You can buy or ADD to current positions.

The total market in general has been in a consolidation mode for three months and can’t decide whether to go up or down.  We do not see any new positions that we want to add to the Core Portfolio, so just hold all positions.


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There is always going to be corruption and theft in the financial markets.  We finally learn the truth about the Flash Crash:

Navinder Singh Sarao, a 36-year-old British trader, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the “Flash Crash” in 2010. The sudden slump in share prices wiped about 9% off the Dow on May 6, 2010, worth about $1 trillion (£665 billion) in value.

Sarao was reportedly running the operation from his parents’ house in Hounslow, west London.

US authorities have for some time thought the crash was the result of market manipulation, but they were unable to peg it to a source until now.

Sarao is accused of placing enormously large sell orders for “E-Minis” (US stock futures) to create the appearance of a large supply to drive the price down. According to a criminal complaint, Sarao would buy at the new, lower price, and then cancel the sell orders. This technique is known as “dynamic layering” or “spoofing.”


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