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April 13, 2015

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(Update:  We bought NTG way too early and are now showing paper losses….a big mistake.  But we are holding.

After a significant decline, it is trending up and NOW would be a GOOD time to buy NTG as a new position if you did not buy it earlier.)

We are entering earnings season with some big reports coming tomorrow and Wednesday.  We had anticipated buying some new positions last week but upon further deliberation decided they were not so hot after all.  We do suggest you buy BKLN one of our floating rate positions.  It is going ex-dividend within the next few days and you may get a lower price after it hits….but you never know.  PFLT is also in the same position.


This financial blog is intended for pre-retirement and retired conservative investors who are primarily concerned about preserving principle while also receiving income and dividends.  Younger investors can use the Core Portfolio selections for their conservative/income portion of the portfolio.

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The Core Portfolio currently consists of corporate/baby bonds held to maturity , oil/gas pipeline “toll takers”, floating rate positions for anticipation of higher rates, and exchange traded funds that hold income related positions.  Additional very small positions include REITS and a dividend paying gold position. 

We are NOT in municipal bonds, preferred stocks, utilities, long term bond funds and annuities.

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We now have readers in 83 countries worldwide.  Yeah we are actually stunned to see those numbers.  Thanks to everyone and we hope this blog is helpful to you in making your investing decisions.


A recent Gallup poll found that in Obama’s sixth year in office, 79 percent of Democrats approved of his performance, compared with 9 percent of Republicans, while Bush’s numbers in his sixth year were the exact opposite (79 percent of Republicans approved, only 9 percent of Democrats). Looking at those figures, the pollsters at Gallup concluded that Obama and Bush — who each ran on the promise of uniting the country — could go down as the two “most polarizing” presidents to date.


Movies:  Woman in Gold.  Helen Mirren stars in this very interesting true life story about how the “small” person can fight the big governments and win.  Strongly recommended for the adult audience who wants some excellent drama..


A broker is in the business of SELLING you stuff which puts commissions in their pocket.  That’s bad!!!

When seeking a financial advisor, always hire a Registered Investment Advisor.  They work for YOU.


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