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 March 10, 2015

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I am constantly cruising the net for new ideas in income investing.  I came across this site which lists dividend paying stocks held by billionaires.  How Fun.  Check it out.  I am NOT putting any money into this thing but you can review all their holdings for potential buys  (we have been looking at one of the holdings for several months…we may to buy…see below.) .  Don’t you love America.

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The iBillionaire High Dividend Index curates a basket of 50 high dividend stocks held by a select pool of billionaires. Derived from publicly-available regulatory filings and limited to U.S.-listed stocks, it is rebalanced quarterly.


You will love this gossipy story:


Clintons Furious At Obama After Valerie Jarrett Linked To Email Leak


Do you think stock buybacks are a good thing??  Read this article:



We are avoiding these sectors:  REIT, muni bonds, preferred stocks, utilities, or long term bond funds,  Never buy an annuity.

WMB is going ex-dividend tomorrow.  We are WATCHING TO BUY.  More information to follow if decide to proceed on this oil investment.  Overall Markets:  We are seeing a pullback in the markets, but I don’t see any significant plunge.  Hold positions.  Rising rates are BAD for stocks and everyone is nervous.

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