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January 7, 2015

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Way back in April 2013 we suggested you buy DLTNX Total Return Bond Fund.  I just saw this article (part of it is pasted below) about the possible closing of the fund.  Well folks, if you don’t already own this winner, buy it today before DoubleLine closes DLTNX.  Numerous good financial advisors recommend this fund, and I think you will be happy with the dividends.  (I do NOT like bond funds in general, but this is a good selection.  When buying bonds, I recommend single issues and the mini-bonds that are listed in the Core Portfolio.)

DoubleLine CEO and CIO Jeffrey Gundlach says the fund family’s Total Return Bond Fund (DLTNX) could close to new investors in 2015.

“It’s been at around $40 billion … for quite a while,” he said during a webinar on Tuesday. “A lot of people are ambulance chasing, but we are not interested in asset bloat. We like to grow in a controlled way. It has further capacity, but we could close it in 2015. And there’s a greater than 50% probability that we will. Not in the first quarter, but we are serious about capacity constraints.”

The DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund was launched in April 2010. For the 12 months ending Oct. 31, its retail-investor shares improved 4.98% vs 2.73% for the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index, which tracks bonds.  

In contrast to PIMCO Total Return’s outflows, the DoubleLine Total Return Fund had net inflows of about $804 million in November, according to Morningstar. DoubleLine says its inflows were close to $820 million.

In general, Gundlach says, investors can buy and hold DoubleLine funds. “If the Fed raises rates, bonds should do better – not worse – as is happening already. If you are really worried about a long-term rise in interest rates – and we are not – you should move into our flexible, low duration bond fund,” he noted.


If you own oil investments or have an interest in the oil market this is a MUST READ:

Author’s reply » I feel this is a short term manipulation that we are not privy to. To many sides of this coin. If I am correct, XOM and CVX will see higher highs, any ep they will use their clout to buy up small guys.


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