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AFB BUY 6.4%

December 9, 2014 To View Current Positions Go To Core Portfolio We purchased the BlackRock National Closed End Municipal Bond Fund MYI.on December 1.  It is doing rather well, so far. This fund goes ex-dividend on December 10 and we should see a price pullback.  Wait for a few days to see what happens. If […]

BUY TDA. 6.5%

December 8, 2014 To View Current Positions Go To Core Portfolio Regular readers know that I like Individual Corporate Bonds (NOT corporate bond funds)….. and the Corporates that have been sold to holding companies who in turn sell them to the retail public typically at a price of $25.  I call them mini-bonds.  (No, CNBC […]


December 1, 2014 Current Positions Go To Core Portfolio (Update MYI was sold) Saturday Update:  Here is a good article which explains the current oil situation: (Update on oil:  I am hearing today that Saudi Arabia is maintaining production in attempts to drive the USA oil producers out of business, or at least hurting […]