December 19, 2014

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TORTOISE MLP FUND INC (NTG) is a Closed End Fund that has significant holdings in natural gas and exclusively holds pass-through stocks.  I like that because you can hold NTG in your IRA.  I suggest you buy at any price close to $27.09

Under normal circumstances, the fund will invest at least 80% of total assets in equity securities of MLPs in the energy infrastructure sector, with at least 70% of total assets in equity securities of natural gas infrastructure MLPs. For purposes of these policies, the fund considers investments in MLPs to include investments in affiliates of MLPs. Energy infrastructure MLPs own and operate a network of pipeline and energy-related logistical assets that transport, store, gather and process natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other resources or distribute, market, explore, develop or produce such commodities. Natural gas infrastructure MLPs are defined as companies engaged in such activities with over 50% of their revenue, cash flow or assets related to natural gas or NGL infrastructure assets. The intends to focus primarily on midstream energy infrastructure MLPs that engage in the business of transporting, gathering and processing and storing natural gas and NGL infrastructure assets. We may invest up to 50% of our total assets in restricted securities, primarily through direct investments in securities of listed companies. The fund will not invest in privately held companies.


Everybody and their brother know that the unemployment numbers reported by our corrupt government is pure fantasy.  But few agree on exactly what the number is.  ShadowStats is reporting 23%.  Now you know why the Fed is not increasing interest rates.



WOW  Younger readers will not remember Liberace.  He was huge-many years ago lol.  They are planning on doing a 3d hologram show in Vegas featuring Liberace.  Can’t wait!!!!!!  Yes I’m showing my age.

Entertainer Liberace  is seated at his piano in his Beverly Hills home in California on June 17, 1961.    Liberace's home is reported to have 28 rooms.


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  2. […] would be a GOOD time to buy NTG as a new position if you did not buy it […]

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