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December 18, 2014

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(Update:  The low bond rates are telling us that the economy is lousy.  And the Fed’s reluctance to raise rates is telling you the same thing….if the economy was good, which the lying Govt wants you to believe, they would be raising rates.

For now hold all positions…..they will probably not be raising rates for a long time which is great for us.  Earn your dividends while they maintain these very low interest rates.).

If you did not buy HDLV when I suggested it on November 25. you should buy right now…here is what I said:

HDLV the ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged US High Dividend Low Volatility ETN invests in huge well known dividend payers like AT&T and Conoco.

Anytime you start talking about leverage and Exchange Traded Notes, you are talking increased risk.  So I suggest you buy small amounts and watch how this thing acts.  I am placing this in our ‘going to Vegas’ category.  BUT HDLV is invested in big well known Companies and I sincerely doubt we will encounter any problems.  With low interest rates expected to continue for years to come, I think the market will trend higher……all of which supports this position.


The liberal press is praising Obammer as a hero with his new found friend in Cuba.  What a bunch of bull crap.  Now people think about it.  Why would Cuba, after 50 years, all of a sudden want to get in bed with the USA?  Because their primary trading partner, Venezuela.is collapsing—they are going into default.  Cuba has no choice.  It is great that the Cuban people will benefit….but don’t praise this moronic President for something that fell in his lap.


FUNNIES:  Heard today:  The New York Times is a press release outfit for the White House.


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