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December 16, 2014

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Yesterday I mentioned that Russia was being targeted in this oil travesty.  Well guess what.  Today………….Russia is finding itself in a pickle, as my mother would say.  The financial media will give you the gory details.

Russia’s Ruble Crisis Is Following The Same Pattern That Destroyed The Soviet Union

We are now seeing panic in the streets and it appears the markets will continue the decline.

If you want to hedge your portfolio consider ProShares Short S&P 500  Symbol SH

With SH you are betting the market will decline.  You are Shorting………..a risky venture.  This is an ETF that will short for you, you do not have to know the tactics of shorting in your account.  You want SH to go UP, as this is an inverse.

I may buy some SH today.  But this whole thing will blow over and I suggest not selling any of your investment positions.  Yes you will have to endure severe pain while this unfolds.

From seekingalpha.com:

“That’s why their gambit will fail. Either OPEC will have to reduce supply to see prices recover or (at least some of) their regimes will fail. Either way, oil prices will rise again. More importantly, all along, US and international integrated oils will cut back on drilling, also reducing the supply, and will find ever-cheaper ways to produce the product, creating an entire new supply-demand paradigm.

In September we sold VNR at a profit.  It has collapsed and I am watching to buy, probably within the next month when the technicals look good.

AMYGF is on sale………….BUY


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