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November 24, 2014

Last week I suggested you look at TCRX.  Below I pasted in the copy from last week in case you missed it.

TCRX started trading today and as I write this the price is $25.05.  You can buy if you are interested but do not pay much more than $25.05 and as always I recommend buying small amounts of any single position.

You will never hear about Baby Bonds on CNBC.  And most financial advisors will never mention them.  But they are a good conservative way to earn good dividends.  Unless the issuing Company goes belly up the bonds will be called at the issue price, and you have very little chance of losing money.  You do not want to pay a lot more than the issue price….usually $25.00.  They typically pay very nice dividends.

You can always sell them at anytime.

THL Credit Inc.has priced a note issue at 6.75%…essentially a Baby Bond and we own many of these in the Core Portfolio.

A Baby Bond is essentially a Corporate Bond (normally priced at $1000) which has been cut up into smaller pieces and is designed for the smaller investor.  Typically you see pricing at $25 so it is easy to buy small amounts like $500 or even several thousand.  I keep investments in a single issue at very small amounts, altho I consider these bonds as safe.

THL Credit is a Business Development Company.

The new notes mature in 2021 which is a good thing.  Pays 6.75% which is not great but certainly adequate.  I do not see these as high quality so buy a SMALL amount.  http://www.thlcredit.com/junior-credit/credit-inc/

The markets will be slow this week so don’t expect much action.  I rather doubt I will be looking at anything new to buy.  Our headin to Vegas stock AMYGF is actually doing better than I expected.  If you own this hold on.  The technicals are very good.


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