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October 18. 2014.  Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.  Hit the “Follow” button to get updates. 

(Update Tuesday:  It appears they will run up the markets going into the elections.  In my opinion it is ok to start adding to positions…..but this is not a buy and hold market.  You always should be ready to sell.)

Despite the short covering rebound on Friday the long term technical indicators are Still indicating a downward trend in the momentum!!!!.  So it is possible that the market could drop again next week.

I would NOT be buying anything right now.  Wait a few days and see what happens.  You may get the opportunity to purchase at lower prices.  If you stayed invested like I did over the last month, just maintain your positions—I do not plan on adding to positions.  Patience is everything in this game.  (We continue getting those nice dividends!!)

In my personal opinion, the markets will be supported going into the elections and the markets will go higher.  What happens AFTER the elections is probably the important question right now…..and that is only three weeks away.

Here is another superior analysis by Arlington Capital Management that I suggest you watch:.


Movies.  Fury.  Definitely worth seeing.  Shoot em up portraying WW2.

According to a Wall Street Journal/ NBC News/ Annenberg survey conducted Oct. 10-16 of 1,172 voters, 49 percent of likely voters prefer a Republican-led Congress compared to 44 percent who would like a Democratic-controlled Congress.

An astounding 40 million dollars has been spent just on vacations for Barack Obama and his family.  Perhaps he figures that if we are going down as a nation anyway, he might as well enjoy the ride. 

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