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Thursday October 5. 2014

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(Update Monday:  Investors are waiting for earnings season to start.  I doubt we will see much action until the banks report.)

When you go back to early this year and look at the charts, there were small indications that this market was starting to weaken.

But with the Fed maintaining their zero percent interest, and knowing that the government wants to manipulate this market higher, I have suggested that you stay invested.  And adding another component supporting this market…….Public Companies continue borrowing zero percent money to buy back their stock, which drives their stock and the markets higher.  (I hear the Fed is ‘whispering’ a rate increase next Spring.)

BUT this most recent pullback (4.6%) in the past few weeks is yet another indication that we need to be alert.

We have had five pullbacks this year, but the recent decline appeared much more quickly than we would have expected.  And we did not see a strong capitulation on Friday.  Yes the market screamed higher on Friday but I would not be shocked to see continued weakness.

So all of this confirms what I have been saying for a year.  We are going to see a crash.  Not this month.  Probably not next month.  Maybe not until next year.  Who knows.  But looking LONG TERM you have to be careful.

Don’t let yourself get caught in a crash like we had in 2008.  Be alert and ready to sell.

I continue holding all positions but investors today need to be prepared to place sell limit orders.  Definitely do not buy new positions, or sell anything, until we get a better sense of direction in the upcoming weeks.

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Indeed, the single most important number in today’s report is 102 million, which is the rounded sum of adults either not in the labor force or unemployed, and it amounts to 41% of the adult population. Stated differently, that’s the number of adults who do not contribute to current production and must be supported either by family breadwinners or the state—-and nowadays especially the latter.

WHAT????  Wal-Mart is announcing the ending of healthcare for its part time workers because its too expensive.  I thot Obamacare was LOWERING COSTS.  You cant make up this shit.


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