(Update:  Safeway is a HOLD.  Do not buy.)

September 10, 2014  Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings. 

Safeway, yeah the food store chain, is offering a corporate bond that is giving you just under 7%.  Keep in mind that each bond will cost you $1000.

I love corporate bonds and they have treated me really well.  Can you believe I have never lost money in corporates.  You need to keep these until they mature, and as usual, I suggest you buy small amounts.  This is a great yield on corporates.  Buy now.

Matures in 2027.  A reminder that you do NOT want to buy corporate bond funds.  DO buy individual corporate bonds.

Cusip 786514AS8

On a different note our high risk online gambling company AMYGF is doing very well.  It is already up four dollars since we bought it.  Quite frankly I am pleasantly surprised at the quick rise.  Keep this holding but always have a sell limit order in case it tanks…..which looks doubtful.  If you can handle the risk. you may want to buy more.


  1. Thank you for your reply and advice. Just saw it now and I bought it last week as I have been building a fixed income portfolio. I think all I can do now is to wait for the coupon payment and to keep fingers crossed!

  2. I am checking out the details of this bond. There is a term which I do not understand “SR. UNSECD. CALL @ >OF PAR OR MAKE WHOLE +10BP. LONG 1ST CPN” and I got this from interactive brokers. Do you know what it is? I would be grateful if you could help, thanks in advance

    • The bond can be called at any time but they must pay you a premium at 10bp above the Treasury, in this case a ten year Treasury. IB could provide you a more detailed explanation.

      • The grocery business in the US is in turmoil right now due to Amazon takeover of Whole Foods: even tho we own this bond I would NOT recommend buying it right now.

  3. I am checking out the details of 786514AS8 and I got this note “SR. UNSECD. CALL @ >OF PAR OR MAKE WHOLE +10BP. LONG 1ST CPN” from Interactive Brokers. I do not understand what it is. I would be grateful if you could tell me what it is! Thanks in advance

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