AMYGF Amaya Gaming BUY. Legal Online Gambling

August 22, 2014.  Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.  (Update:  The Blackstone Group has $160 Million in this outfit.  Amazing.)

I recently published several posts about ‘going to Vegas’ followed by a suggestion to buy the risky CEFL

Well this time folks, we ARE really going to Vegas.

AMYGF Amaya Gaming is involved in online gaming.  OK let’s be honest:  gambling online.

Does this sound like a risky investment???  Yup it sure is.  If you have a large portfolio and want to take a calculated risk, this is the pick for you.  And it pays NO dividend.  I think you could make a huge profit on this sucker.  I suggest a Sell Stop to limit any potential losses.

Amaya Gaming Group Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, sells, and services technology-based gaming solutions for the regulated gaming industry worldwide.

Here is some more infor:  How big can online gaming be? Well, in New Jersey, online gaming began on November 26 and generated $8.3 million by year’s end. GamblingData predicts New Jersey’s online gambling market will generate $262 million in gross gambling revenue this year and $463 million by 2017. Third party forecasters tout that the US. is poised to earn gross winnings of over $7.4 billion by 2017, representing around 30% of the global online gaming market. Imagine the incremental benefit to be had in New Jersey and others states when it comes to tax revenues.

There is a huge market for online gamblers and AMYGF should do well….assuming they are an honest outfit…you never know when it comes to gambling.

August 2014.  It looks like we may see a short term pullback in GOV.  This is an excellent position that you can get at a good price.  I would try $23.50

On the political front:  NRSC.com:


Any fair analysis of available polling data reveals Republicans are positioned to win in November. Democratic candidates are trailing in seven states and tied in four others. An additional four states will continue to tighten, meaning that come mid-to-late September, Democrats will be on defense in fourteen or fifteen races. Republicans have better candidates who are running better campaigns, and an analysis of the polls reflects that.

More links here.


Morgan Stanley says the national online-poker market could grow quickly if PokerStars is allowed to set up operations in New Jersey. PokerStars is the world’s largest online-poker site but could not get licensed in Nevada or New Jersey after being accused in 2011 of violating U.S. banking laws. Amaya Gaming Group of Canada bought PokerStars in August, and Morgan Stanley says New Jersey could approve a PokerStars site this year.

The study notes that after PokerStars became available in Italy in 2009, the country’s online poker market grew by 62 percent in a year. PokerStars accounted for more than half of that.

“We remain bullish on the long-term opportunity for U.S. online gaming,” Morgan Stanley says.


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