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Monday August 11, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

On June 20 I suggested you buy YYY…….YieldShares High Income ETF includes 30 closed end funds. The asset mix approximates a 60:40 Equity: Debt mix at 58% Equity, 38% Debt and 4% Currency.

I am ADDING to my position.  YYY has tumbled along with the rest of the market and we can now buy it on sale.  I love buying things on sale!!!

The price right now is $23.69

We had a hiccup in the markets the last two weeks, but I believe that we will continue higher.  At least thru the elections and possibly much longer.

While they keep the interest rates low,

they keep printing truckloads of money,

and Companies keep buying back their stock,  I plan on staying invested and earning the good dividends.

Of course conditions can change quickly.  If things fall apart I will certainly be the first to sell.

Bottom line:  You should be collecting these excellent dividends until we see a major and significant change in the market.



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