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General Finance Corporation 8.125% Senior Notes Due 2021 GFNSL

June 25, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

General Finance is offering Senior Notes at 8.1%.  We are taking a SMALL position today.  Do NOT overpay on this one:  do not pay much more than $25.00.


I really like Senior Notes and suggest all readers buy a little.  This offers a very nice yield.  Here is a description:

A debt security, or bond, that takes precedence over other unsecured notes and must be repaid in the event of bankruptcy. Senior notes are relatively secure because of their priority status in the event of liquidation. With this added security comes a reduced interest or coupon rate as compared to junior bonds.

Update:  The market continues up.  As one advisor put it, The trend’s your friend…don’t fight it.

GGN which is primarily gold and some oil has been heading up for months.  You should be in this.

We have huge gains in KYE and you should place a stop in case this thing tanks for some reason.  I do NOT expect a decline but you dont want to lose profits.  It is going ex-dividend Juy 1, so you can expect a small decline but that is no reason to sell.

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