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June 20, 2014

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I never followed closed end funds.  But I have been reading a lot of articles over the last six months that describe the advantages of this sector.

Recently we suggested you get into closed end funds with KYE and DSL. Another suggestion was CEFL that is an ETN holding closed end funds.  GGN is another closed end and you should own a small position in this dividend payer.

Today we are buying YYY.  This ETF holds 30 closed end funds and pays almost 9%.


IMPORTANT:  I keep suggesting investments but readers must realize that this market is in a bubble.  Massive money printing by the government is causing the stock markets to keep going up.  BUT this will end in a bad way.  Someday.  We do not know when.  Just be aware that you are assuming risk when you hold investments and you need to be ready to sell all positions.  This could be after the elections or next year, or the year after that.  We don’t know.  The markets are NOT acting normally primarily due to Quantitative Easing.  But you should be taking advantage of the dividend payers while this situation goes on.  As one advisor put it, this is the unloved bull market.

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  1. […] On June 20 I suggested you buy YYY…….YieldShares High Income ETF includes 30 closed end funds. The asset mix approximates a 60:40 Equity: Debt mix at 58% Equity, 38% Debt and 4% Currency. […]

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