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June 20, 2014

********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

The grey haired lady (Yellen) came down from the mountain yesterday.

Before you think I am being nasty, I am an old gray haired man lolol.

Yellen and the Fed basically said they would continue supporting the markets.  I have told you several times that they will do anything in their power to support this Administration going into the November elections….and boy oh boy do they need help.  Ratings are plummeting.

So what should you do?  Stay invested that’s what.  A lot of bubble heads out there are telling you to have a chunk in cash.  NOT me.  I am taking advantage of this while the gettin’s good.

The bubble will burst someday, maybe after the elections in November, maybe in years.  Who knows.  In the meantime continue collecting your dividends.

All of our positions in the Core Portfolio have been doing very well……sweeet.  There is nothing in the bargain bin that yells On Sale.  CEFL our ‘risky’ holding is doing well and paying 16%.  If you do not own, buy a little.  YYY is a lower risk alternative.

The business development companies and floating rate bond funds are looking good, go to Core Portfolio for suggestions.

If you are doing well with a position that we do not discuss here,  please share it with all readers.  Hit “Leave a Comment” above.





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