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June 14, 2014

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Mark Hulbert has a story in MarketWatch.com that lists the best financial newsletters.  They include Nick Chase, Dan Sullivan, Jim Schmidt, Jack Schannep, and Jeff Hirsch.  Mark has been around for a hundred years and knows this newsletter market like the back of his hand.

Here is the link.  I suggest you read the article and investigate all of the offerings.


If you are new to the financial world and learning how to invest your money, it is essential that you subscribe to a newsletter.  (and you can read this blog lol)  It is impossible to make money in the markets without professional guidance.  You simply do not have sufficient knowledge to make the right decisions (altho you think you do)  and you are competing with professional money managers who usually have decades of experience.

I have subscribed to numerous newsletters over the years, most of which are useless and can be very damaging.  I learned the hard way!!  Many writers are simply very bad.  But I currently receive several that are actually pretty good.  I do NOT subscribe to those listed above and cannot offer any guidance on which is best.  Forbes and Investorplace.com also offer several good newsletters.  I RECOMMEND YOU LOOK FOR “INCOME” NEWSLETTERS THAT PROVIDE GUIDANCE ON DIVIDEND PAYING INVESTMENTS.

So what else is new.  The Fed and Yellen are having a meeting this week and it could be potentially market moving.  Listen to what Yellen says because if she says the ‘wrong’ thing the markets could tumble.

Back on May 8 I suggested you look at LNCO.  It has now gone up by an amazing $2.00 and also pays almost 10%.  Wow.  It’s too late to buy now BUT if you see a big pullback you should buy a little.   YYY is looking very good and could be a buy this week.  Pays 8%.  There is a link to an article in the Core Portfolio.

(infowars.com)  What would you say if I told you that Americans are nearly 60 TRILLION dollars in debt?  Well, it is true.  When you total up all forms of debt including government debt, business debt, mortgage debt and consumer debt, we are 59.4 trillion dollars in debt.  That is an amount of money so large that it is difficult to describe it with words.  For example, if you were alive when Jesus Christ was born and you had spent 80 million dollars every single day since then, you still would not have spent 59.4 trillion dollars by now.  And most of this debt has been accumulated in recent decades.  If you go back 40 years ago, total debt in America was sitting at about 2.2 trillion dollars.  Somehow over the past four decades we have allowed the total amount of debt in the United States to get approximately 27 times larger.  This is utter insanity, and anyone that thinks this is sustainable is completely deluded.  We are living in the greatest debt bubble of all time, and there is no way that this is going to end well. 


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