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June 4, 2014

*********Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.**********

Sell GEK today.

We have made a lot of money in GEK but it is time to sell.  The technicals look bad and GEK is breaking down.  Update:  It appears GEK is very interest rate sensitive.  I was probably too quick to pull the trigger and am not adverse to buying again…this is a high quality position.  If you still own it at this point, HOLD.

BUY LNCO for the IRA.  I mentioned back on May 8.  LNCO took off this week.  You can also buy LINE the parent Company.


We have owned the high risk CEFL for a grand total of three days and it has done absolutely nothing.  Flat.  I would hold as it will probably go higher.  As long as you have a stop in place  you will lose very little if it drops.

With President Obama’s approval rating still deep underwater, a new survey from Fox News finds that Americans generally think George W. Bush ran a more “competent” administration. In the survey, a 48 percent plurality said Bush’s White House was more competent, while 42 percent picked Obama’s.

At the same time, fully two-thirds of Americans said Bill Clinton’s administration was more competent than Obama’s, versus only 18 percent who liked Obama’s better.

Bet you didn’t know this (infowars.com):  First, consider the news report that finally as of May 2014 as many Americans had jobs as had jobs in January 2008. That might seem like good news until you take into account that since January 2008 the US has experienced 6.5 years of population growth. Economists seem to have settled on population growth adding 129,000 people to the work force each month. That comes to 10,000,000 people. Where are their jobs? The “jobs recovery” doesn’t provide for the 10 millions who have come of working age since January 2008.

Wow:  A new public opinion poll shows that veterans oppose Obama’s decision to trade five Guantanamo detainees for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by overwhelming numbers.

According to the poll conducted by USA Today and Pew Research, 68 percent of veterans polled said that Obama made the wrong decision. Only 16 percent supported the decision.

At 68, CHER is on tour.  Can you believe it.  This is probably one of the best shows you will ever see.  Get tickets—pay for the good seats, its worth it.  On the other hand the new Tom Cruise flick is a real disaster.  Skip.



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