DSL DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund (closed end fund) BUY. 8%

May 9, 2014
Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.
The Fed is lying.  A Must Read:
DSL is  a closed end fund from my favorite family-DoubleLine.  It is giving you 8% and invests in emerging markets fixed income, corporate bonds, and mortgages.
Here is copy from their site:
The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objectives by investing in a portfolio of investments selected for their potential to provide high current income, growth of capital, or both. The Fund may invest in debt securities and other income-producing investments anywhere in the world, including in emerging markets. The Fund’s investment adviser, DoubleLine Capital LP (“DoubleLine” or the “Adviser”), allocates the Fund’s assets among debt security market sectors, and among investments within those sectors, in an attempt to construct a portfolio providing the potential for a high level of current income and for capital appreciation consistent with what DoubleLine considers an appropriate level of risk in light of market conditions prevailing at the time.
I know the copy above is not very detailed so please read the article linked below which gives you an excellent perspective on DLS.
Books:  I really look forward to reading this new book which is scheduled for release next month:  Faithless Execution:  Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impreachment Andrew McCarthy
Movies:  The Grand Budapest Hotel.  A grand story.  Go see it.
Movies:  Spider Man.  Not so grand.  Skip it.

2 comments on “DSL DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund (closed end fund) BUY. 8%

  1. […] we suggested you buy KYE and DSL. Another suggestion is CEFL that is an ETN  holding closed end […]

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