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April 23, 2014

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(Update:  SOLD)  KYE Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return is a closed end fund that holds leading energy related master limited partnerships.  As I write this, KYE is paying just under 7%.  Price is $27.93.

This suggestion is for your IRA….it is not suitable for your taxable account.  I recommend buying a small amount to enter, and we can continue to add if KYE acts well.  It’s possible we could see a small pullback but it should continue higher.  You can plan on holding this for years, unless there is some major change.

The Core Portfolio has been doing well.  If you have been following our advice, you should be pleased with the results.  Keep in mind that President Empty Suit will do everything in his power to keep the markets going higher thru the November elections.  Yes we may get pullbacks but I do not anticipate selling anything.

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One comment on “BUY KAYNE ANDERSON IN THE IRA (or 401K)—-7%

  1. […] we suggested you buy KYE and DSL. Another suggestion is CEFL that is an ETN  holding closed end […]

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