March 17, 2014

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SPY 1846.00

Update:  I expected a market decline if the Fed tapered.  And that is what we are getting so far.  Hold tight.  Do nothing for now.

Market Outlook:  Possible pullback but long term bullish.

Gold is looking good but we may get a pullback.  Hold what you have and we could get a buying opportunity down the road.

(Update:  BDCL is still declining, wait and buy at lower prices…I would not be shocked to see a $27 price….in any case buy the BDCs.  BDCS is another lower risk option.  The momentum is still down on the BDCs try to get at lower prices.)  The BDCs are also a buy, including PSEC and BDCL...buy BDCL UNDER $28.00.  Keep watching HTGY and buy only if it gets very close to $25.00……this thing is tanking and it may take a week or two to get down to $25.00.  I am starting to watch T to buy, pays a good dividend. (AT&T)

From SeekingAlpha.com:  “BDCs have fallen for 3 straight weeks and are now hitting 6 month lows (as a group) and I believe this is a buying opportunity. They may continue to fall but at some point will rebound because the recent weakness has nothing to do with BDC fundamentals and is more of a technical drop in prices that investors should be ready to take advantage of.BDCs continued to fall last week in response to being removed from certain indices. Again this is a technical drop in pricing that investors should see as an opportunity and has nothing to do with the fundamentals of BDCs. I’m sure there will continue to be volatility as discussed in last week’s newsletter. Investors should also keep in mind that the Fed statement will be out later today with another potential $10 billion reduction in monthly bond purchases and hopefully guidance regarding interest rates.”

Maybe I can eventually get into the 5% club:  “Having liquid assets of $1,000,000 places folks in the top 5% of everyone in the USA.”  (If you have reached this level hit ‘leave a comment’ and tell us your story.)

I have always been fascinated by UFOs.  Are we really being monitored and visited by aliens from far off galaxies?  Do the world’s governments know a lot more than what they are telling us?   Is organized religion a total fabrication?  If you have an interest in this topic, I strongly recommend you read this book:  Earth An Alien Enterprise by Timothy Good.  It’s going to blow ur mind.  The discussion on the UFO propulsion systems is stunning.

This is by far the most riveting account of the UFO mystery that I have ever read.  The UFO programs on TV don’t even begin to tell you what is really going on.  Get this book now.  A good web site:  http://www.openminds.tv

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