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February 1, 2014

SPY 1781.00  Go to “Investments Core Portfolio” for current holdings.

(Saturday Update:  The markets are rising again but I am not convinced this pullback is over.  There is some stabilization in the technicals that I follow.  Holding current positions but Not buying more.  I could b wrong but better safe than sorry.)

“The newest Gallup graph begins in February of 2009 when Obama enjoyed an approval rating approaching 70 percent, but by this week, his approval numbers have fallen to a dismal 39 percent.

Obama’s disapproval rating has made an equally long journey but in the opposite direction. Starting out in 2009 at less than 20 percent, Obama’s disapproval has soared to 52 percent today.”

(Thursday Update:  Momentum is still down.)

“Most Americans simply do not realize that our financial markets no longer resemble a free market system.  Instead, they are highly manipulated and distorted by the central banks, and the trillions of dollars of “hot money” that the Fed has poured into the global financial system has infected virtually every financial market on Earth…”

(Tuesday Update:  The markets crashed yesterday but we still do not see capitulation signals.  Do nothing for now…there is still the possibility of dropping further.  The day after big swings are typically quiet as people assess the losses.)

(Monday Update:  With the drop today it appears we may be getting very close to the bottom on this pullback.  BUT we will have to see some sign of capitulation, if we dont, down we go further.)

On Friday it looked like we might get some capitulation and the markets would turn upward.  But no such luck.

The indicators are still saying that we will probably go down on Monday—unless we get some positive news which is doubtful.  The mutual funds also put money to work the first of the month so that would be a positive influence.  This is not fun but keep in mind we are collecting dividends in the meantime.  I think we will start seeing more of these swings in 2014 and you will need nerves of steel.

If you are interested in buying investments that are on sale, all you can do is sit and wait…..we should see some buying opportunities this next week.  You certainly do NOT want to sell anything.

(This is too funny.)  Jon Stewart on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central:

“It’s the most auto-erotic form of governance, Who needs a part of partner when I have my hand here? Yep, President Obama is apparently now in the ‘f-ck it’ stage of his presidency, he’s not talking to these people, And now he’s just starting to tick things off his ‘f-ck it’ list.”

“Massive money printing eventually causes rising inflation; rising inflation eventually causes rising interest rates; and rising interest rates are not going to be good for maintaining this fake, stimulus-based economy.”  (The Aftershock Investor) 

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This blog discusses dividend paying investments that I find appropriate for myself…..and for investors seeking dividends and income.  I am not an investment professional.  You must do your own research before buying any position.  All gains or losses that you realize are based on your choices.

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