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“THIS RECOVERY IS 100% FAKE” (The Aftershock Investor)

January 17, 2014

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, I assume you have an interest in the stock market, and specifically dividend investing.  You are probably managing your own money, and you more than likely have a vested interest in where the H this country is heading.

So keeping that in mind I strongly suggest you get this book asap.  Hit up Amazon or better yet, borrow it from your local library for free.  Hey, you pay taxes to support them!

The Aftershock Investor David Wiedemer SECOND EDITION  978-1-118-73336-3

This is truly incredible stuff.  It is so easy to read.  And it tells you what is REALLY going on in the money markets.  This is NOT stuff you will see on CNBC.  btw don’t listen to CNBC or Cramer.  Did you know that Cramer’s recommendations are no better than throwing darts?  lol

PFLT is scheduled to go ex-dividend today.  Momentum is Down so wait for a buy signal.  Pays just under 8%.

Gold is finally,,,,,,finally starting to move up.  You can buy a little GGN to start.

Funny Quotes:  “Why am I still getting a phone book?”  (Bill Maher)

“I’m stupid but I have a smart phone.”  (ESPN)

Movies.  Lone Survivor.  True story.  Strongly recommended.

“Massive money printing eventually causes rising inflation; rising inflation eventually causes rising interest rates; and rising interest rates are not going to be good for maintaining this fake, stimulus-based economy.”  (The Aftershock Investor)  As they continue printing money the markets continue going up which is good for people who have the money to invest.  And they make sure the interest rates stay low.  But the middle class get hurt due to higher prices and inflation.

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This blog discusses dividend paying investments that I find appropriate for myself…..and for investors seeking dividends and income.  I am not an investment professional.  You must do your own research before buying any position.  All gains or losses that you realize are based on your choices.


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