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The Retirement Gamble Watch It!

November 1, 2013

When I started writing this blog, I assumed the ‘target audience’ would be the semi retired and retired group like myself.  Over time it has become evident that the majority of readers are younger folks.  Wow, who would have thought.  I confess to being surprised.

So why is that?  Not a clue.  I guess the older generation is already tied in with a financial advisor.  Or they may have a pension.  Or there are probably hundreds of other reasons.

I am really gratified to see that the ‘kids’ are looking for investing advice……and planning on retirement early in their career.  Having started early myself, I cannot begin to tell you how happy you will be in 30 years when you have a nice portfolio to live on.  The ROTH IRA is your best choice.  Get started today, even if you contribute small amounts.

So having said all that I would like to recommend the PBS Frontline program, linked below.  (This first ran in April)  It talks about the reasons for avoiding mutual funds, annuities, and other rip-offs.  And talks about why you Should get into low fee instruments like etf’s.  Please watch this at your earliest convenience.


The general stock market is pulling back and you should be able to get into some positions at good prices.  Visit the site for updated information.

Go to “HOME” (top of page) for the most current posts.  Go To +FOLLOW at the top of this page to follow this blog.  (Please respond to POLL Click Here)  This blog discusses dividend paying investments that I find appropriate for myself…..and for investors seeking dividends and income.  I am not an investment professional.  You must do your own research before buying any position.  All gains or losses that you realize are based on your choices.


One comment on “The Retirement Gamble Watch It!

  1. Yeah, it is a great video, I recently talked about it too!

    At 26, I am one of those “kids” looking to go forward in life after college in a few years with a strong financial foot forward, hopefully to financial independence and possibly early retirement.

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