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October 23, 2013

SPY 1743.00

(Update Nov 4.  KYE Hold Off for now.  Looking weak for some reason.)  (Update Oct 31)  KYE  ALERT  BUY order at $28.15 which is support.  Buy IN YOUR IRA.  Buy more if it goes even lower.

WPZ Watching.  An MLP going ex-dividend Nov 1.  May be excellent buy.

(Update Oct 28)  BUY Tenet Healthcare.  Corporate Bonds.  88033GAV2   NOT Investment Grade Corporates but they pay almost 8%.  Maturity 2031.  Suitable for a very very small position.  I would typically not mention a junky bond but I think the risk with a tiny position in the portfolio is worth the nice yield.

VNR Goes ex-dividend Oct 30.  VNR typically drops after the ex dividend date which provides you a better entry price.  VNR is an MLP that has been acting very well.  (Update Oct 31)  Buy anywhere close to $27.50

Buy NOW.  Tennessee Valley Authority is offering corporate bonds for $104.237 with 4.33% yield maturing in 2035.  These are HIGH rated and ‘implicitly’ backed by Uncle Sam.  This would be appropriate for a small portion of the portfolio.  This is high rated investment grade stuff giving you a reasonable, (not great), return.  Each bond is $1000.00.

These are Individual Bonds which are a far superior investment vs bond funds.  Barring a bankruptcy individual corporate bonds mature returning all your money in addition to the yield.  You should plan on holding corporates to maturity.

Since corporates are priced at $1000 they are by definition designed for a larger portfolio.  A single position should represent no more than one or two percent of the portfolio.

Cusip 880591DX7

Funny Line of the Day:  “The first lesson you learn as a pollster is that people are stupid.”  (This Town, Leibovich)

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